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Chez Sonia, where the Sh1,500 glass of wine is worth it


A corner of the garden at Chez Sonia. PHOTO | COURTESY

Bordeaux, what kind of wine is that?” I asked the beautiful waitress at Chez Sonia along Nairobi's Peponi Road. I am the kind of boring drinker who when he discovers something, I do not want to discover something else.

It is limiting, of course, because it stands in the way of adventure and discovery. The journey ends before it starts. For instance, I discovered Pinot Grigio and now whenever I have to drink white wine, I ask a waitress or the alcohol delivery store, ‘what Pinot Grigio do you have?” I refuse to drink anything else.

I recently discovered Malbec after avoiding red wine for close to 14 years. I used to get bad headaches from drinking cheap boxed wine. I was broke. Now I drink Malbec once in a while when I find myself on the occasion.

But do not ask me anything more about it because I do not know. I just know it agrees with my palate.

The waitress explained what Bordeaux was: Any wine produced from the Bordeaux region of France. We were seated under a canopy of trees that gathered around the dining area. In the evenings, Chez Sonia is charming. Soft music. The open sky.

She brought some wines and we tasted them before finally settling on one. I did not particularly enjoy that drink, to be honest, and neither did I enjoy its pricing when we finally got the bill. [ A glass was Sh1,500].

I remember once a friend of mine said, whisky is the beer for rowdy people, whisky is for stuffy people who wear cravats or think of wearing one, and wine is for people who understand the culture.

I would never wear a cravat unless it was forced on me at my funeral, but I wondered about this statement as I paid this incredulous bill. Is it very good wine for people who understand how to make money?

Chez Sonia is a great place in terms of ambiance. It is romantic at night if you want to look into someone’s eyes but just carry your credit card. Alternatively, if you can jump over a fence…