Harriet’s chicken mushroom wrap

Chicken mushroom wrap. PHOTO | POOL

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  • Food blogging is tuning to be a business venture under the digital economy with the users teaching their social media followers.

Harriet Kasoa has always been passionate about cooking. Food, she says, makes her happy and to share the happiness with her family and friends, started preparing different cuisines from scratch.

With time, the 21-year-old has not only spread the happiness to those close to her, but also to a wider audience through her social platform started in 2019 where she reviews recipes.

When BDLife interviewed her, she was preparing chicken mushroom wrap, Indian cuisine usually made with different veggies such as lettuce, onions and cucumber, and spices.

“Chicken wrap is Indian cuisine, so I decided to add taste with mushrooms. The two ingredients go well together and their flavours complement each other very well,” she says.

“All the food I prepare is special in a unique way. However, chicken biriyani is very close to my heart because it is the first recipe I did as a food blogger.’

The fourth-year communications student says her chicken mushroom wrap is made using boneless, and skinless chicken breast, soy sauce and minced garlic, tomatoes, coriander, avocado for a sauce with added fresh lemon juice and a range of spices.

Harriett Kasoa, self-taught chef and food blogger, during the photo session at the Nation Centre on August 12, 2021. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA | NMG

She uses black pepper, garlic powder, ginger powder, paprika, mixed herbs, soy sauce to marinate.

The sliced mushrooms are cooked on medium heat for about three minutes, then added black paper and soy sauce. Marinated chicken strips are also cooked separately on medium heat.

The wrap sauce is made from a mix of ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard sauce.

The wrap can either be chapatis or tortillas, served with chips, juice, or any other drink.

All the ingredients are bought in local supermarkets.

“It is a very simple yet very delicious recipe packed with amazing flavours. This recipe received so much love. Those who tasted it loved it,” she says.

She says her satisfaction is such feedback from those who taste her food, often followed by requests to prepare for a large number of people.

“The best part about cooking is the feedback and response I get when people eat my food. Everyone loves it and they are always appreciating my skill. Most people want me to prepare for them every single recipe I have done before. That melts my heart because I believe my purpose is to make people happy and smile again through good food.”

And if you ever enjoyed the wraps, she says you would love her Indian cuisines such as chicken curry and naan, and Swahili dishes such as pilau and biryani.

“Most of my meals are basic. I also want to diversify and try Italian, South African cuisine like chakalaka, French cuisines like white sauces and the use bread,” she adds.

Since her early years, she has been making everything from scratch, finding joy in the outcomes.

“I loved cooking when I was very young, 10 years and over the years my love for cooking grew until I officially started food blogging. It has been the best decision I've ever made yet.”

“I couldn't hold back my love for cooking. I always wanted people to see what I was able to do.

Top spices are garlic powder and curry powder, which she adds to every curry and stir fry dish.

“I also love cinnamon spice especially on cloud seasons like now, it really is a warm spice and perfect for cinnamon rolls, French toast and hot chocolate.”

The kitchen has become a field play in between her studies during a time when they have been on hybrid classes due to the pandemic.

Food blogging is tuning to be a business venture under the digital economy with the users teaching their social media followers how to prepare soups, desserts, smoothies, bake and sometimes inviting chefs and working with restaurants.

Even as she plans to pursue a job in the communication field, she hopes to later commercialise the passion.

“This food blogging is promising. Yes, I like cooking, but it also proves to be an opportunity for business. It is also good to do what you love,” Ms Kasoa says.

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