Is Blue Martini the next great after K1 Club?


If you are tired from thinking of places to go on your date nights try out Blue Martini Lounge. FILE PHOTO | POOL

Looks like Ojijo Road in Nairobi's Westlands, is at the cusp of producing another great bar after K1 Clubhouse. [What happened to them?]

It’s high up in a new building that I forget, almost directly opposite Parklands Club. There is a special lift run by a very bored attendant that takes you to the rooftop. [Can’t blame the attendant, it’s not a very inspiring job to press the same button your whole shift].

The lift delivers you to an astonishing interior decor. It’s the wide long bar framed by pink and the looming colossal pink archway supported by white pillars that leads you to a different section of the bar.

A wooden staircase takes you upstairs to a fine dining area that was empty when I visited.

The whole lounge area has almost 360 degrees of the city’s startling skyline, which at night sparkles like ill intentions.

The hot seats are all against the glass wall because, well, Nairobi at night is deceptively gorgeous. Most things at night are deceptively gorgeous, it's the light of day that intrudes with its stark truths.

Striking for me is the fact that the place had 70 percent females, all dressed up to the nines, all sipping cocktails through their lipsticked lips. [They have a happy hour].

“Why don’t men come to places like this?” My Lady asked me. I ignored her because I was distracted and fascinated by the massive pink archway.

I summoned the manager, a nice fellow, and asked him what the theme of the place was. He said things that meant he didn’t know.

Nonetheless, the place is magnificent. The whisky menu, surprisingly, is fairly priced for all the bells and whistles in there.

The burger patty was rubbery but then I gave the cool young chef the feedback which, thankfully, he took on the chin. Most chefs will just sulk. Such sensitive souls, just like writers.

Music was very old school, Ralph T crooned but miraculously didn't echo in the wide high-ceilinged place. If my friend Anthony from Bar Next Door is reading this, please check out the magic they have done to borrow a leaf.

If you are tired from thinking of places to go on your date nights try out Blue Martini Lounge. It has a kick.

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