Knife fetish and special rooms at The Local Grill


A photo showing the seating area at the Local Grill in Village Market. PHOTO | POOL

I like the idea of being a butcher. Not for the meat, per se, but for the opportunity to own knives. I love knives. I love short knives and bent knives, long sinister knives and knives with thick rubber handles. I love the idea of knives turning flesh into ribbon. The beauty and symmetry of a clean cut.

At the Local Grill in Village Market, they know a lot about knives because they understand meat. I envy Tony Saisi’s job, as their main butcher. He picks the cows, supervises their feeding (grass) and picks the meat. He then ages them. He walks around the small kitchen of the very swanky, moody and bohemian restaurant, giving instructions, and watching over the treatment of the Rumps, Sirloin, Fillets and Rib-Eyes.

There is a special room at the Local Grill for special functions. You book it and lock it for intimate occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Once in there, in the midst of all the vintage wines, the staff is at your behest. There are two private chefs and a sommelier.

Then there is meat and smoke and knives. The meat masters make your meat how you want it. They allow you to watch and even engage in the preparation of the meat. Basically, you get to determine your menu.

There is a starter, main course and dessert. Nobody else gains entrance to the room. You drink what you want (wine is not inclusive of the Sh6,500 per person) and eat how much you want. (How much meat can one eat?) At the end of the evening, they send you off with a branded Local Grill apron.

It’s a fantastic treat if you're celebrating something, or just coming together as family or friends to feast. Because who doesn’t like a bespoke experience?

Who doesn't want to watch a butcher cut, roast and serve your meat as you watch, glass in hand? Shame they don’t give you a knife to take home.

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