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Mövenpick serves local flavours


Chicken biryani being prepared at Mövenpick Hotel & Residence Nairobi on Thursday, May 19, 2022. PHOTO | DENNIS ONSONGO | NMG

Mövenpick hotel’s Baluba restaurant has gone local with most of its new menu set to feature dishes with a taste of East African flavour. Before, it had a universal menu with Indian, Continental, and some Swiss dishes, whose uptake was low.

Michael Flint, the general manager says the new menu “injects soul” into the hotel. That the waft of aromas, will now be familiar to the nostrils of East Africans or international diners who want to enjoy local foods but with a refined flavour.

“We are past Covid-19, and the hotel has evolved,” he added.

The menu has gastropub favourites, which are flavourful foods that can be served in pubs too as one enjoys beer. There is the signature Mö burger, Mombasa prawn salad, grilled salmon medallion, fried tilapia, nyama choma, and carrot cake.

“It is a variety of Kenyan and East African dishes to satisfy cravings. They are comfort foods with a twist,” he said.

For instance, the beef, chicken, veggie, and lamb burgers are paired with beers.

“We are trying to introduce craft beers from Bila Shaka,” Mr Flint said, adding that with the old menu, they were not attracting as many diners.

Mr Flint’s favourite dish from the new menu?

“The mango, avocado, prawns which had a kick of wasabi —a Japanese horseradish paste made from its ground rhizomes,” he said.

The hotel’s executive sous chef Collins Moki said with the new concept, the hotel is working closely with the local suppliers.

“The new menu has favourites; nyama-choma and ugali. But don’t expect the traditional nyama-choma ugali, it will be a little bit different,” he said.