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The Still: A surprisingly delectable pairing of American whiskey with steak

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New York Strip Stake with mashed potatoes and a stick of celery at the Still Whiskey Steaks in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. PHOTO | THOMAS RAJULA | POOL

In the town of Fort Collins, Colorado, US, there is an American diner serving whiskey-marinated steaks and sustainably sourced burgers. The Whiskey Still Steaks puts a unique Colorado twist to the traditional American steakhouse.

Typically, a steakhouse or chophouse is a restaurant that serves very large portions of steak, generally grilled to individual preferences that are found easily in North America.

From the log cabin-inspired décor to the selection of over 50 Colorado whiskies and very hospitable flannel-clad staff, dining at The Still is an enjoyable experience.

Though in the heart of the town of Fort Collins, the cabin interior at The Still and tinted windows gives you a feeling of escape to the green (white in the winter) Rocky Mountains that lie some 97 kilometres outside of it.

It's otherwise a typical western-style diner with a bar at the entrance and the restaurant farther inside.

You have to make an appointment to get space at The Still, which prides itself in carefully selected steaks and whiskeys for their clientele.

Their waiters and waitresses give you their full attention. In a very white town of the US, I didn't even at once feel like an "other", as the waiter, after finding out I'm from Kenya, offered the house bread and garnished heated fat for dips, with a lit candle made from tallow (hard fat). The young waiter was so free and ready with information about the different steaks and what best drinks to pair them with.


The hand-cut filet with mashed potatoes and wedges with some greens at the Still Whiskey Steaks in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. PHOTO | THOMAS RAJULA | POOL

First drink

As soon as I arrived, the first drink I was offered was a large bottle of water. This is because they know most of the clientele are there for the drinking (whiskeys and bourbons). Because of the cherry casks they use to store the whiskeys, it's very rare to find an American whiskey that doesn't have that fruity taste.

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The stash flight of whiskey the Still Whiskey Steaks in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. PHOTO | THOMAS RAJULA | POOL

I had the pork schnitzel (two herb and panko encrusted pork loins, mushroom demi-glace, mashed potatoes). My cousin, whom I was visiting in Fort Collins, had the sliced filet with mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables and bourbon cream sauce.

The cost

American servings are just the best, large and chunky. A steak costs anywhere from Sh5,624 ($35) onwards without the side dishes but it's well worth the experience if you find yourself in this mid-west town that is also home to Colorado State University and the Rams. Whiskey and bourbon shots start from Sh1,285 ($8).


The bread is served with spiced fat that is heated and also made into wax candle and used for aesthetic value while serving at the Still Whiskey Steaks in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. PHOTO | THOMAS RAJULA | POOL

The Still doesn't believe in offering food to go. Because it means that they can't ensure the same quality, or provide an outstanding atmosphere and hospitality along with it.

According to a communication by the general manager Taylor Hedding and executive chef Isaac Moreno, their goal is to provide dine-in guests with the best possible experience while they are in the building.

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