Ginger shots and okra water fever hits Kenyan women


Fresh drinking water with okra submerged in it. PHOTO | POOL

Kenyans, especially women, obsessing over ginger, lemon shots and okra water have created a new demand for the three vegetables, causing a spike in prices.

If you walk around offices or in Nairobi you may have noticed workers with bottles of homemade juices and tens of hawkers now selling ginger, lemon and okra on the streets.

The ginger shots, the concentrated beverages made from fresh ginger root and lime, and okra water—which is water infused with small pieces of okra or seeds and steeped overnight—are gaining traction on social media and in Kenyan homes, offering an alleged dose of wellness and sexual health in one quick swig.

For years, okra in Kenya was grown for export but now this wellness craze has created a new market. Okra is widely consumed in Asia, especially India, West Africa, and the Middle East.

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