Hemingways new platform eases travel bookings


A lady booking flight online. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH

As the travel industry emerges from the valley of the pandemic, new business opportunities are emerging with them.

Hemingways Travel which has largely focused on corporate travel has set its heart on the individual travellers through creating its own online booking tool. A simple and easy to use platform that allows individual travellers to make their plans online faster.

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"We got into this space to offer those looking for a tailor-made travel experience," says Joseph Kithitu, Managing Director of Hemingways Travel.

The online booking tool launched in April 2022 is also the first locally owned online booking tool platform.

To make travel arrangements, air travel and hotel reservations are normally done separately thus the ought-to-be-fun experience becomes boring and bothersome.

An online booking tool eliminates the hassle by putting all services in one page making it highly attractive to today's travellers.

"Today's traveller is tech-savvy, price sensitive (which is catered to by offering options), speedy and not limited by time in that they want to make their plans at whatever time," he adds.

Through Hemingways Travel booking tool, the company hopes to offer seamless access to travel services which allow for faster and easier bookings as well as offer their customers a variety of choices to choose from.

E-commerce in the country has increased in popularity bolstered by easier internet access and the acceptance on online buying and selling. This shift has exposed clients to ease of doing business who want the same while booking for their business and /or personal trips.

Clients using the platform have seen the value, quick turnaround times. This approach has helped with client retention and given the firm an edge over their competitors.

Key features of the platform include effortless self-planning and booking of flights and hotel accommodation in various destinations around the world, ease of use, ability to pay via credit card or M-Pesa and the tickets or hotel reservations shared through a mailing system.

The platform is open to use by travel agencies as well who can use it to offer their clients exceptionally tailored travel experiences for richer memories.

"I aspire to see simplification of travel since travelers can book simple point to point destinations at the comfort of their desks. Also, I expect incremental business volumes since the OBT platform creates availability to a rich client base," he says.