Up and About: Things to do this weekend



Art in the Park Karen: Karen off Kerarapon Road, February 23. Art lovers are welcome to an outdoor painting session with family or friends. Canvases, easels, paints, brushes, and aprons will be provided.

GoDown Open Day: GoDown Arts Centre, February 25 from 10 am. Join and interact with artists, see and buy art.

Naomi Van Rampelberg Memorial Exhibition: One Off Contemporary Art Gallery, February 25 from 12 pm.  Exhibition of her inspirational jewelry made from recycled glass fragments to sophisticated paper collages of precise images constructed at the scale of the tiny.

Sex & The City: Alliance Française, Nairobi, until February 28. Snapshots of a lifestyle that provokes us to contemplate the depths beneath the images, parody of social realities in the space we live in, without glorifying promiscuity.

Courses, lectures & workshops

A Chance and Choice Living Strategy: Albain Institute, February 24 from 1pm. A workshop aimed to understand the link between feelings and emotions.


Nairobi Kizomba Sensação: PrideInn Azure Hotel Nairobi, February 24th - 26th. A three-day event where participants can immerse themselves in Kizomba, Semba and Afro music and dance.

Lawyers Hub Dance Classes: Lawyers Hub Kenya, February 25. Join to learn some African dance moves, boost your fitness, have fun and relax your mind.

Kizomba Dance Classes: Artcaffe Britam Tower, Upper Hill, February 28 from 6pm. An introductory course for individuals who have little or no experience in dancing Kizomba.

Festivals & craftfairs

Web 3 Social: Muthaiga Square, February 25 from 12 pm. Live metaverse experience on virtual reality headsets , a gaming corner, live Djs and performances, a barbers section, speakers from the Artificial Intelligence community, fun games and giveaways, a treasure hunt plus so much more.

Shoke Shoke Festival & Sustainability Conference: Nairobi, Kenya, until March  2. Join revolutionaries in the entertainment space as they innovate and focus on promoting sustainability through launching the first-ever sustainability conference and festival.


Kitale Film Week: Royal Court Hotel, until February 26. The festival aims to foster strategic development in Trans-Nzoia County by giving local filmmakers a platform to showcase films that have integrated local narratives.

Father & Son: Alliance Française, February 27 from  6pm. The film highlights the overlooked contribution of fighters – both volunteer and conscripted – from France’s West African colonies who fought in France from 1914-18.

Captains of Zaatari: UNSEEN , until  February 28. When a world renowned sports academy visits Za'atari Refugee Camp, two best friends who dream of becoming professional football players have a chance to make this dream come true.

Kids events

Taking the Stress Out of Exam Prep: Albain Institute, February 25 from 10 am. A workshop to train high schoolers how to balance their revision and their mental wellbeing.

Play in Space (Future Astronauts): The Arbor Place, February 25. Children will have the full experience from space themed art to the planetarium show.

Squeaky Clean: Kabete Junior Academy, until February 25. Teaching children to be independent is important.  Lots of exciting activities.

Kids and Teens' French Classes: Kabete Junior Academy, until February 25. Children will be immersed in the French language through exciting activities that help them learn the fundamentals of the language.


Let's Go Country: Shamba Cafe, February 24. Live country music and lots of barn dance and shuffle with Sir Elvis.

Friday Band: Tatu City, February 24. An event to enjoy cover songs of your favorite stars, by your favorite cover band courtesy of the Booth Live Bands.

Rhumba Sato: Karen Oasis, February 24. Rhumba Afrique Entertainment will be performing your favorite songs live.

Dilla Day: Kraft room Delta Towers Westlands, February 24 from 4 pm. Join in celebrating the life and influence of James Dewitt Yancey, plus a special De la Soul session.

Matteo Di Leonardo: The Village Market, February 25 from 2 pm. A performance by Italian guitarist Matteo Di Leonardo in Village Market together with Mackinlay (Trumpet), Jo_G (Drums) and Onyie (Bass).


Web3 for Wildlife Conservation: Maasai Mara University, February 24 from 12 pm. The event aims to examine the use of blockchain for social impact and wildlife conservation in the Maasai Mara.


Divas Friday: Casavera Lounge, February 24. Music blends by DJ Pierra Makena.

Friday Vybe: 33 Havens Lounge, Utawala, February 24. Music policy by DJ Ramzy, hyped by MC Brayo and hosted by King Kardashian.

Boutross: The Angela Brief: Clique Lounge, February 25. Join this fun party with Boutross performing his club banger, Angela and amazing music lined up by our live DJs.

Yoga, Wellness & Meditation

Women Wellness Weekend: Hob House, February 25th - 26th. A weekend to relax, rejuvenate, and have fun to treat your spirit, mind, and body.

Sit & Meet: Chez Mahmadi, February 26 from 4 pm. To build a supporting environment for growth in the practice of meditation and spiritual inquiry and connect with fellow meditators.

Asana & Pranayama- with Gauri Vidyarthi: Kanga Studio Nairobi, February 28. Join Gauri to mellow down the mind and body through a pranayama practice followed by a traditional restorative yoga practice.

Special events

The Man Cave: The Lakehouse Tigoni, February25 from 12 pm. Where the men convene for a meeting of minds, exchange ideas, network, and get inspired to keep on thriving.

Theatre & stage

Betrayal in the City: Kenya National Theatre, March 2nd - 12th. The play is an incisive examination of the problems of independence and freedom in post-colonial Africa states, where few believe they have a stake in the future.


Meditech & Healthcare Africa 2023: KICC, until February 25. An International trade-show focusing on medical technologies & healthcare sector to improve the health infrastructure and medical facilities.

Non Woven Tech Asia 2023: KICC, until February 25. A neutral platform for stakeholders in the nonwoven Industry and their consumers to share information and understand market dynamics.

254 Reality and Homes Expo: KICC, February 24th - 25th. Join and interact with property developers and investors as they walk you through home ownership. 

Autoparts East Africa: The Sarit Expo Centre, February 24th - 26th. Showcasing innovative products and services.

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