Writing skills: The impact of effective writing on career growth

Any professional keen on career growth should work on sharpening their pen continuously.

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The legendary Albert Einstein opined that light travels faster than sound which is why most people appear bright until they speak. The average Kenyan professional often focuses more on their image rather than their intellectual output.

The ability to communicate effectively through the written word remains a timeless skill that can propel professionals to unparalleled heights of career success. Well-crafted writing is a key ingredient in any industry. The myriad forms in today’s work arena include letters, emails, text messages, memos, proposals, social media posts, minutes and presentations. People judge you all the time, by how you dress, speak and ultimately how you write. So why not write well?

Human resource managers are often inundated with poorly written CVs and cover letters which sometimes are a sharp contrast to the job seekers' academic credentials. This first impression often communicates negligence and irresponsibility; character traits that no serious organisation will want to be associated with.

Professionals worth their salt should know that how to write is equally as important as what they write. The common mistakes in writing such as commencing a sentence with a small letter often portrays one with a low self-image.

Moreover, writing in full caps unnecessarily mirrors one as chaotic, angry and disorganised. Minute or gross spelling mistakes often indicate carelessness and incompetence.

On the flip side, professionals who write well exude class and emotional intelligence. When they combine this with their technical skills, they effortlessly smash the proverbial glass ceilings. The result is that they quickly earn seats at the enviable decision-makers' table and command respect in any setting.

Any professional keen on career growth should work on sharpening their pen continuously. This can be achieved by reading widely; books, essays and newspapers, as well as creating a personal glossary to expound on one’s vocabulary. Furthermore, one can journal daily to enable and perfect the mind to hand coordination.

Lastly, with the advent of technology, one can make use of language learning apps or take masterclasses from communications gurus. Keep in mind that writing is a bed that you inadvertently have to lie on every day. Make it worthwhile!

The writer is a translator and a French Teacher. 

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