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Zara brand now comes to Kenya

The true representation of European fast fashion is here as Deacons Kenya adds the Spanish clothing and accessories retailer Zara to its list of brand shops.

Zara’s reputation of “tweaking” the latest trends from the big fashion runways of Paris, London, Milan and New York will make it ideal to keep Kenyans up-to-date with the rest of the world fashion-wise.

To launch the shop, Deacons put together its first ever Fashion Show.

On a busy Sunday afternoon, in-between the shops of the first floor of the Thika Road Mall, the runway had models (adults and kids) showcasing clothes provided by Deacons; not only from Zara – which will be carried in the 4U2 shop - including its other shops - Woolworths, Angelo and Babyshop.

The show was a simple swop from the window display to the runaway using influential fashion stylists drawn from Kenya’s leading newspapers, magazines and television.

The initiative is to make this an annual event and it might prove to be effective to bring their clothes and accessories in front of the customers. What a good way to show Kenyans how to dress stylishly using the experts in this field.

In a press statement, Muchiri Wahome (CEO of Deacons) said “Deacons wants to do more for the local industry and this fashion show is just the beginning of the many ways we are looking at partnering with local Kenyan stylists and designers. We are keen on making this an annual event.”

To sweeten the deal even further, the stylists were also competing in three categories; Woolworths – dressing male, female and kids models from this shop; Zara – female models only using Angelo’s accessories; and finally Babyshop.

Kenya’s finest stylists and runners-up took home a cash prize of Sh100,000, Sh50,000 and Sh25,000 respectively.