Kenya has costliest fuel in East Africa despite latest price cut

A fuel attendant at the Ola Energy Station in Mombasa.

Photo credit: Kevin Odit | Nation Media Group

Kenya has the most expensive fuel in the East African region even after the regulator cut pump prices by up to Sh10 a litre in the latest price review.

A comparison by —a site that tracks fuel prices globally— shows that a litre of Super petrol is going for $1.478 in Nairobi, with Uganda being the second costliest at $1.46 while Tanzania has the cheapest at $1.26.

A litre of diesel is going for $1.37 in Nairobi, followed by $1.31 in Kampala while it is cheapest in Dar es Salaam at $1.24. The prices in the other countries are as of April 8.

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