Crisis looms in city health centres on drugs shortage


NMS Health Services Director Ouma Oluga. FILE PHOTO | NMG

A health crisis is looming in Nairobi with several health centres running out of essential drugs since last week Friday.

This as the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) and the Kenya Medical Supply Authority (Kemsa) are at loggerheads over supplies pending bills inherited from Nairobi County government.

Raising the alarm, Umoja I MCA Mark Mugambi said that a number of city residents had raised concern over lack of medicine in most facilities.

Through a request for statement at the County Assembly, he sought to know the reason behind the delay in supply of medicine.

“Residents are suffering as even Panadol, the cheapest of all, is not available. It is absurd. Why build more hospitals while the ones we have lack medicine?” Posed Mr Mugambi. “It beats logic.”

He added that due to the shortage, patients were now being forced to turn to private hospitals despite the high cost due to their economic status.

NMS Health Services Director Ouma Oluga confirmed the looming shortage, but assured residents that the issue will be sorted by Monday next week.

“It is just a delay in delivery affecting a few commodities and health facilities. It is being cleared and supplies will be assured moving forward,” said Dr Oluga.