Kisumu, Mombasa air ticket prices drop after long holiday


A Jambojet plane at the Kisumu International Airport. PHOTO | TONNY OMONDI | NMG

The prices of air tickets from the popular flying destinations of Kisumu and Mombasa have significantly dropped after a long holiday that had pushed up them to over Sh10,000 for a one way ticket on the back of high demand.

A single ticket from Mombasa to Nairobi was costing Sh14,125 on Kenya Airways and Sh14,100 on Jambojet.

Jambojet is charging Sh5,100 and the national carrier Sh7,835 for those booking today. This follows a decline in demand witnessed on Monday and Tuesday morning as travellers returned back to the city after the long weekend.

Kenyans reported back to work on Tuesday after Monday was declared a holiday following the October 10 Utamaduni Day celebrations which fell on a Sunday.

The high demand was caused by passengers making the last minute rush back to the city after a long holiday.

Ideally, the tickets for these routes on a normal day would go for about Sh6,000 on average, with the exception of weekends when they tend to go up to about Sh8,000.

On Monday, nearly all airlines had sold out the morning flights leaving passengers with an alternative of late evening bookings.

Kisumu is one of the popular routes in the country with high number of passengers with airlines having more than four flights on the route. But the prices have also dropped on the route due to low demand.

For instance, from today (Thursday) the price of ticket will be going at as low as Sh5,100 for those booking Jambojet from the lakeside city to Nairobi

Jambojet charged Sh7,100 for a 10am flight from Kisumu to Nairobi while the morning flight, which leaves the lakeside city at 7am was sold out by Monday evening.