Nairobi Hospital says footbridge threatening its cancer centre


The Nairobi Hospital entrance. FILE PHOTO | NMG

The Nairobi hospital wants the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) to suspend the construction of a footbridge connecting its facility to Kenyatta National Hospital along Ngong road saying it is endangering the safety of patients at the hospital.

The hospital’s chief executive James Nyamongo said works on the footbridge must be suspended as it exposes the public to radioactive exposure.

“The hospital is demanding that the construction of the footbridge be suspended to allow for inclusive consultations in accordance with the constitutional requirements of inclusive public participation and stakeholder engagement,” said Mr Nyamongo in a statement on Thursday.

“We are concerned about the safety of radioactive materials fitted in our cancer treatment centre. Construction also exposes our power and oxygen plants to potential terrorist or other criminal attacks.”

The bridge has been under construction by Kura since January.

The other two footbridges are located at Coptic Church and the Kenya Science Technical College and they have been under construction since last year.

It is among the three pedestrian bridges set for construction by the roads agency along Ngong road to allow patients, students and other users to cross the road.

Mr Nyamongo said that in as much as the hospital has engaged in a series of consultative meetings with several government stakeholders on how works on the bridge should be done, mitigation measures agreed upon in meetings have not been implemented.

He said that Kura and the Ministry of Transport have failed to conduct stakeholder consultation on the project as required under the law.

But Kura communications manager John Cheboi told the Business Daily separately that the agency has always involved all stakeholders along the road on all its projects.

Kura said that in as much as the hospital does not support the construction of the footbridge bridge near its facility, it was at one point moved 50 meters away to cater for their concerns.

“Nairobi hospital has to contend that the project has minimal effects on its operations. In fact, it is less disruptive than when they were constructing their new building,” said Mr Cheboi.

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