Change law to curb use of funds without MPs’ nod


CS Treasury Prof Njuguna Ndung'u with PS Economic Planning James Muhati. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA | NMG

There is a need to change the law and provide that the Treasury must have concurrence with Parliament ahead of spending cash outside the budget.

It is important for State officials to spend cash based on expenditures approved by Parliament for transparency and integrity.

But there are occasions when the Treasury is allowed to spend cash outside the budget, particularly for unplanned emergencies.

The law backs this kind of spending.

The Constitution requires the Treasury to table a mini-budget two months after withdrawing funds from the Consolidated Fund without the approval of MPs.

The Treasury has, over the years, come under sharp scrutiny for allegedly abusing the constitutional provision by spending money on unbudgeted projects and coming to parliament for backing for expenditures that lack emergency.

It also defeats the noble process of budgeting that ends up with parliamentary approval, which allows the Controller of Budget to offer her mark of approval on the spending.

Therefore, the integrity of regular spending outside the approved budget cannot be vouched for.

We support calls for a law change to force the Treasury to first approach Parliament and discuss the intention of such expenditures before disbursing the money.

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