EDITORIAL: Enforce food regulations

Revelations that the Nairobi county government failed to test public food handlers for almost a year are worrying.

According to the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, no public food handler had been issued with a certificate of good health for nearly a year as the medical tests are rarely done. It also noted that this sorry state of affairs occurred despite City Hall collecting the requisite fees.

What is more shocking is that there have been reports of cholera outbreaks and other related diseases in the capital yet those handling food being sold to the public have not been tested.

It is time public officials stopped taking the lives of Kenyans for granted.

We urge City Hall to heed the alert from the manufacturers lobby by stepping up its capacity to test , track and compile data on all food handlers.

Residents pay the required levies to the county government hence laboratories for testing food handlers should and their equipment should be factored in the annual budgets without fail.

There must be strict adherence to the regulations when it comes to issuance of food handling certification.