Kenya Power needs a stable leadership

Kenya power building along Aga Khan Walk, Nairobi on this photo taken on August 15, 2021. PHOTO | LUCY WANJIRU | NMG

All is not well at utility firm Kenya Power with the ever-revolving door on the board and in the executive suite.

The leadership instability at the company suggests that the turnaround strategy that has been in the works for a long time hangs in the balance and may need the luck to be achieved.

The board chairperson, Vivienne Yeda, has resigned after barely two years in the role. Three board members of a State-owned firm resigned in May in a huff and were replaced in July.

The utility firm currently has an acting chief executive, the sixth in four years.

In any organisation, be it for profit or non-profit entity, it is the board and the executive which have the over-arching role of guiding the policy to ensure the goals are achieved and in exceptional cases, exceeded.

The government must now act fast and bring order to the company which plays a major role in the economy. Without a strong board and a professional management, Kenyans will not be guaranteed of stable and affordable power.

There is no shortage of qualified and competent professionals who can help turnaround the struggling utility firm.

The government should therefore appoint the board and chief executive based on merit and experience and not political patronage which has brought the firm to where it is today.

In addition, the corruption and tender wars that continue to undermine the firm's ability to deliver services to Kenyans should be rooted out.

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