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Ways to Succeed as a Woman


As we celebrate Top 40 under 40 women this week, we are reminded of great women who are doing an amazing job in areas such as corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, law, finance, medicine, academics, research, technology, sports, philanthropy and media just to name a few.

Even with these feats, women still face struggles at the workplace; from unequal pay to advancing into leadership roles.

Did you know that only 14.6 per cent of executives in companies nationwide are women? More strikingly, did you know that women hold just 4.6 per cent of CEO positions?

Why is this the case?

Is this difference because women leave their careers to care for their families before reaching a top position? Or are women afraid to ask as a result of attitudes towards them in the workplace?

This got me critically thinking about what a career woman can do to set herself apart.

What should women do to boost confidence and get ahead at work?

To succeed at the workplace, the tips I have outlined in this article below are necessary. Read more here