Give the world a taste of Kenya and ship your tea with FedEx Express

FedEx connects Kenyan tea producers to the world with its comprehensive and reliable shipping solutions.

The story of tea in Kenya is an exemplary one that Africa should be proud of. Kenya’s tea industry is one of the main pillars of its economy with the country being the second largest exporter of tea in the world. According to a research study by the European Union, Kenya produces, on average, 450 million kilograms of tea which earns the country about USD 803 million in exports. Tea contributes 23% of total foreign exchange earnings and 2% of the Agricultural GDP.

Tea is a big business and the heart of many communities in the country. Since establishing our direct services in Kenya in 2022, we at FedEx have made it our priority to ensure that we can enable Kenyan businesses to reach over 220 destinations and territories worldwide and grow their revenue. As the largest express transportation company, we’re enabling tea farmers and producers to infuse their quality products with our expertise to export with ease.

How FedEx is supporting tea shipments from Kenya

When it comes to production and packaging, Kenyan tea is packed at its origin and involves blending and packaging, which adds value locally. Blending and packaging activities, accounting for up to 50% of consumer prices, occur in Kenya rather than in the destination market. Our role as FedEx is to help tea producers get easy access to our extensive air and road network so they can get their tea around the world.

We’ve recently introduced a dedicated weekly flight that stops in Kenya to facilitate exports with ease. Through this flight, we are able to guarantee time and day-definite delivery and door-to-door and clearance services, all while offering timely tracking of packages through our digital tools to give customers full control. Moreover, we pride ourselves on the flexibility, personalised pricing, clearance capabilities and customized solutions we offer.

Retail channels for Kenyan tea packed at origin include at-home consumption (e.g., supermarkets, speciality shops) and out-of-home consumption (e.g., restaurants, workplaces). Whatever its final destination, our role is to provide our solutions to ensure it gets to the right hands.

To find out more about our shipping solutions, visit FedEx.


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