How FedEx Express makes shipping through the Export Processing Zones (EPZ) easier.

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Discover how you can ship to over 220 destinations and territories through the EPZ with FedEx.

Cross-border trade in the form of imports and exports is vital for any economy’s development. It promotes access to a wider variety of goods and services, creates jobs, encourages the efficient use of resources and overall global integration that benefits producers and consumers.

This is why the Kenyan government established the Export Processing Zones (EPZ) in 1990 as a major policy initiative that would drive its economic goals.

What are Export Processing Zones?

These are designated areas in Kenya that aim to promote and facilitate export-oriented investments and develop an enabling environment for such investments. Currently, there are over 40 gazetted zones in Nairobi, Voi, Athi River, Kerio Valley, Mombasa and Kilifi. These zones are in various stages of development which are managed and promoted by the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA).

Kenyan businesses that are licensed to import and export through the EPZ get access to a variety of benefits including a 10-year Corporate Tax Holiday, rapid project approval and licensing, no exchange rate controls, a liberalized foreign exchange regime, on-site customs documentation and inspection and more.

Moreover, they are able to connect with logistics partners such as FedEx to ship and reach over 220 destinations and territories worldwide and maximise the benefits of operating in the EPZ.

Your exports meet FedEx expertise.

At FedEx, we believe that a connected world is a better one, and we offer an extensive air and road network to support Kenyan businesses to ship to and from the EPZ with ease.

We understand that businesses stand a lot to gain when they become licensed in the EPZ, which is why our partnership and presence in the EPZ is vital to help businesses see their imports and exports through in the most affordable, efficient, and reliable way possible.

We are the world’s largest express transportation company, and our goal is to simplify the import/export process so that business can reach their customers and key markets and enable their success.

When shipping with FedEx, businesses get access to these services and benefits:

  • 1 FedEx flight a week and daily commercial flights that enable express delivery within 3 – 5 business days.
  • Affordable pricing (including spot rates and weekend pricing).
  • Access to experienced account executives, customer service representatives and FedEx in-house clearance capabilities.
  • Customized solutions and online booking, tracking, and invoicing tools.

As borders become less of a barrier to trade growth, our presence in the EPZ makes expanding businesses beyond Kenya a sustainable possibility. We connect businesses with new opportunities for trade and we pride ourselves on the services, flexibility, and reliability we offer. At the heart of it, FedEx is here to help businesses thrive at every stage of their growth, connecting people with goods, services and ideas that improve lives.

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