Jubilee Health Insurance

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and even chamas (informal investment or welfare groups) need not agonise over health insurance anymore. Jubilee Health Insurance Limited has comprehensive and affordable health solutions for them.

Most SMEs tend to believe that health insurance is too expensive, that they cannot afford it. Likewise, members of chamas do not even consider asking about health insurance, in the misplaced fear that it is way beyond their reach.

Yet medical cover is essential for the owners of SMEs and their employees, who need to remain health to stay productive. Sick employees may be absent from work for several days or perform sub-optimally because they report to work while nursing illnesses.

Revamped Umbrella SME Cover

Jubilee has revamped and refreshed its health solution, J Biz, to offer superior benefits. This health solution is an Umbrella SME Cover that provides life coverage. Thus, SMEs can cater to smaller groups with better benefits and at an affordable price.

SMEs get to choose from a wide choice of cover limits – going up to Sh10 million.

J Biz Benefits

J Biz is a comprehensive and affordable medical insurance product designed for SMEs with a minimum membership of three employees and a maximum of 50. J Biz offers the following benefits:

Comprehensive Coverage

• Extensive coverage for pre-existing and chronic conditions including HIV/ Aids and cancer treatment.

• Covers newly diagnosed chronic conditions under inpatient and outpatient.

• Comes with an enhanced Platinum plan of up to 10M inpatient cover.

• Inbuilt Covid-19 coverage for inpatient treatment and outpatient testing for symptomatic cases.

• Inbuilt annual general check-up for member and spouse for general wellness.

• Covers maternity, 1st emergency CS, diagnostics and physiotherapists fees, prescribed drugs, dressings, surgical & external appliances, Hearing aids & Hearing test and pain management.

• Air and Road evacuation services.


A wide range of plans to choose from based on your health cover needs.

  • 11 levels of inpatient plan
  •  7 levels of outpatient plan
  • 6 levels of dental & optical plans
  •  6 levels of maternity plans

Minimal waiting periods

Minimal waiting periods for groups. No waiting periods for large groups.

Additionally, the cover offers free benefits: personal accident and last expense for the main member.

Jubilee has a wide geographical coverage. It also has an extensive network of hospitals.

The insured enjoy direct access to treatment while travelling within East Africa.

Why Choose J Biz Health cover?

Jubilee’s Experience

Jubilee Health is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jubilee Holdings Ltd. It is the No.1 Medical Insurer in East Africa and has provided Medical Insurance for more than 85 years to individuals, SMEs and the region’s blue-chip companies.

Today, it has more than 1 million customer relationships countrywide. Looking after them is a workforce of 250 people, a network of over 4,000 hospitals, physicians, clinics, pharmacies and health and wellness specialists.

Why Jubilee Health is different

 • Access to the health insurance firm’s unparalleled network of trusted hospitals, physicians and other healthcare professionals.

• The convenience and confidence of Jubilee Health’s customer care.

• The reassurance of Jubilee Health’ experience in delivering healthcare.

• Client access to Jubilee Health’s unique wellness propositions.

Protect your company’s most valuable asset

Choosing to offer health insurance cover for your employees can be a big decision for any company. A health cover protects and supports health and wellbeing of employees and their families so that they can remain productive members of your company.

J Biz Health solution for employees gives you the comfort that your employees have access to the best healthcare.

Jubilee’s micro-health product

Simply, Jubilee’s micro-health product is an affordable group cover for your chama, employees and organised groups, among others.


  • is suitable for groups with a minimum 10 members.
  • offers 3 cover options to choose from.
  • covers inpatient (with an inbuilt maternity), outpatient, dental and optical
  • Inbuilt Covid-19 coverage for inpatient treatment and outpatient testing for symptomatic cases.
  • is available from as little as Sh6,000 per person per year.

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