FIFA 18 bridges gap between virtual world, on-pitch reality

FIFA 18 bridges gap between VR and on pitch reality. PHOTO | COURTESY
FIFA 18 bridges gap between VR and on pitch reality. PHOTO | COURTESY 

After one year of anxiously waiting, it is time for FIFA lovers to make the switch to the newly released FIFA 18. As expected, EA sports has gone a step further in reducing the ever narrowing gap between the virtual world and reality. 

But before we look at the fixes that are aimed at making FIFA 18 the best ever release in its franchise, let us have a look at our main man—Christiano Ronaldo—who graces the cover of FIFA 18 (right).

Coming from an awesome season for both club and country, the timing could not be better for the Real Madrid all- time top scorer and back- to-back European champion to make his mark in one of the biggest and most successful sports video game franchise. For those who have seen the official trailer, it is hard not to marvel at Ronaldo’s signature dribbles, innovation in the set pieces and ferocity in attack. 

Back to the actual video game. So what makes FIFA 18 the must-have for lovers of the franchise?

Individual Player uniqueness

Inasmuch as football is a team sport, the individuals go a long way in providing all the spice. The release has gone a step further in ensuring that individuals’ playing attributes such as Ronaldo’s characteristic back flip to offset a defender have been infused into the virtual environment. Well represented player abilities add up to having efficiently performing teams.

Game Play

According to the Telegraph, FIFA has not lost is “knack for pomp and circumstance”. The ability to recreate the “match day” experience remains “obvious for all to see”. As a player, the game takes to the heart of the location of your fixture, be it the Santiago Barnabeu or the Signal Iduna Park. You will feel the improved and vibrant atmosphere, creating that perfect setting for your match. On the pitch, FIFA faithful will feel rewarded with the ever improving tackling, goalkeeping and match play intelligence, guaranteeing for an ultimate playing experience. 

The Story Mode: The Tale of Alex Hunter Continues

For those in it for more than football, the career mode is set to be even more exciting as we once again walk in the shoes of Alex Hunter who is moving into a wider world of football and crossing paths with the likes of Thierry Henry, Thoam and other sporting greats of the world.

With success comes a lot of drama, so lovers of the story mode had better buckle up because FIFA 18 comes loaded with an action packed emotional roller-coaster. 


It is really difficult not to get drawn into the spectacle of FIFA 18, with the elements coming together in an effort to build a gaming masterpiece. Although some areas in the animations such as the physics, Motions and sequences look to need some work, FIFA 18 will be that acquisition that will ensure you have a good time hanging out with your mates.