Kuppet joins Catholic Church in campaign against vaccine


The clergy has been warning women against tetanus jabs claiming it had proof that the vaccine is a population control tool. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

A teachers’ union has now joined the Catholic Church in asking Kenyan women not to take the tetanus vaccination spearheaded by the government. The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education (Kuppet) wants the government to investigate concerns raised by the Catholic Church.

Kuppet Secretary-General Akello Misori said the government should not interfere with the lives of Kenyans through experimentation. He was speaking at the burial of the late Patricia Onoka Ombuor in Homa Bay County. Mr Misori said that as teachers, they viewed the move by the government as a threat to their jobs.

“A generation will come when we will not have children to teach, which therefore means we will not have jobs,” he added.

He accused Unicef and the World Health Organization, which are bankrolling the program, of attempts to control births in Kenya. Mr Misori wondered why the agencies could not channel such funds towards the fight against the Ebola virus that is ravaging parts of West Africa.

“Kenya is a growing economy that does not need to interfere with the lives of its citizen through the back door in the form of tetanus injections,” he said.

Catholic bishops have accused the government of dishonesty about the jab that targets women between the ages of 19 and 49.

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Nairobi Archbishop Cardinal John Njue said: “The vaccination has been laced with anti-fertility hormones. Laboratory tests locally and abroad have shown the campaign is meant to control birth,” they said.