Centum sets up ‘Eye of Kenya’ wheel at Two Rivers

Centum Investments #ticker:ICDC Thursday launched Kenya’s largest observation wheel at Two Rivers Mall, the latest addition to the facility that features various amenities including theme parks.

The 60-metre-high wheel, dubbed Eye of Kenya, has 40 capsules each sitting an estimated six passengers.

It is meant to give visitors exceptional views of Nairobi.

“As a former chairman of one of Kenya’s organisations tasked with driving Kenyan brand, I am very pleased to see innovations such as the Eye of Kenya launched in the country,” said Centum non-executive director and Two Rivers Development Ltd chairman Chris Kirubi.

“As the tourism sector continues to thrive and grow, we are not closed to the fact that we need to ensure we are offering tourists experiences that are memorable and unique,” he said. President Uhuru Kenyatta graced the launch on Thursday.


Centum is a shareholder of Two Rivers Development, owner of Two Rivers Mall.