Australia-based parking app firm targets Kenya users


A car park in Mombasa. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Australian parking app Kerb, which allows homeowners to rent out their parking spaces for a price, has launched in Kenya — adding to the growing number of tech start-ups setting up locally to tap into increased uptake of related services.

The firm, which already offers car park management solution to facilities like shopping malls, churches and schools, says its app matches users to homes, office blocks or places with free parking at the end of the journey.

The app also allows for renting and leasing spaces for motorbikes, boats, trucks and even helicopters. The minimum fee for a Kerb parking space is Sh300.

Software developer Matt Salmon and Rob Brown, a marketer, founded the app in 2016.

The app is available in 19 languages across 300 cities, so far.

“Governments love Kerb because it reduces congestion and environmental impact by getting cars off roads, makes use of existing infrastructure — and means more money for locals to spend in the economy,” says Mr Brown.

“We’re really excited about the benefits that Kerb is going to have for users.

“The app allows you to list an entire car park up in minutes, and each individual bay can be customised by availability, price and vehicle type.”