Local firm pilots app to boost farming


The piloting involves 100,000 farmers who are growing rice. FILE PHOTO | NMG

A local ICT consulting company has developed an application intended to help farmers improve production, marketing, warehousing as well as receive extension services advice from experts.

Advantech Consulting is currently piloting the app in Kilombero valley of Tanzania with farmers growing rice, but results of the piloting could be replicated in Kenya in future.

Joseph Waruingi, chief executive of Advantech, said that the project is funded by UK government’s Department for International Development (DfID) to the tune of Sh150 million. The piloting involves 100,000 farmers who are growing rice. With the project, it will be possible to determine the supply that can come from the area.

The app incorporates information on the soil type, weather patterns, identified warehousing facilities as well as potential markets with a view to reducing post-harvest losses currently estimated to be at 10-15 per cent of production. The losses are largely a result of poor management or delayed marketing following production, Mr Waruingi said.