Planting of trees in Kenyan forests set to go hi-tech

A tree-planting exercise. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Global reforestation platform Tree-Nation is tackling climate change in four African countries, with projects set to regenerate local forests and provide employment for rural communities.

The project will see millions of trees planted and sustained in Kenya, using technology.

According to Tree-Nation, it uses proprietary technology to facilitate tree planting. The platform has more than 300 tree species available, making it possible for people and companies to participate in reforestation projects worldwide.

Each planted tree has a dedicated Worldwide page (URL), which allows a monitoring of the tree growth and its carbon dioxide compensation values, among other data. Trees can be offered as gifts using the unique URL.

Further, the platform also provides companies a tool to link tree planting with their performance, sales or service targets, as part of marketing or sustainability initiatives.


The campaign will help restore the regulation of freshwater flows, combat climate change, and protect forest habitats, while improving food security for the poor, mainly in rural Kenya.

Around a quarter of these trees cultivated will be planted on surrounding farmland to provide food and resources, stabilise soils and increase crop yields, says Tree-Nation.

In Africa, multiple projects are underway in Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and Burkina Faso, where communities are planting tree species carefully selected according to the specific benefits they bring to the environment and to the local populations.

In Bore, Kenya, the project aims to plant 100,000 trees and work with local subsistence farmers to grow new food crops that reduce stress on their forests.

“Trees address some of the most threatening issues our generation is facing: pollution, species extinction, climate change, desertification, deforestation, floods, poverty, malnutrition and even deadly viruses. For many of these problems, planting trees is a critical part of the solution and both individuals and companies can now easily get involved and play their role in the fight for a more sustainable future,” says Maxime Renaudin, Tree-Nation’s founder and director.

Tree-Nation, a reforestation platform with the largest number of plantation projects and 5 million trees planted on four continents, coordinates reforestation efforts worldwide. The platform currently has over 70 plantation projects located in 33 countries. To date, more than 118,000 citizens and 1,500 companies have used the platform to sponsor the planting of trees.

Using proprietary technology, a combination of processes, tools, or systems of interrelated connections that are the property of a business or individual. These combinations provide a benefit or competitive advantage to the owners of proprietary technologies.