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Fancy granite tops that will make you forget wood

Granite tops from Pante Electric. PHOTOS | COURTESY
Granite tops from Pante Electric. PHOTOS | COURTESY 

While it is not a new concept, granite has firmly cemented itself as a trendy option in Kenyan homes.

The durable yet attractive surface can withstand most kitchen messes, making it a worthy investment.

Since it is a naturally occurring igneous rock and is not man-made, it adds an element of natural luxury to spaces.

Joan Njeri of Pante Electric in Nairobi who supplies and installs kitchen granites says buyers love them for their durability.

“This is why people instal granite on stairs, it is long lasting and easy to maintain,” she says.

As homeowners seek a bit more character in their countertops, Ms Njeri, says that technology now offers limitless solutions. The granites available in the market today come in many patterns and colours.

“It is no longer the boring countertops like those that were being sold locally a few years ago,” she says.

Soft neutral tones is the new décor trend likely to ran past 2018 and most designers say that the bright bold hues have lost their place in the home.
When picking the colour of granite, choose one that will feel fresh five or 10 years after installation.

“The colour of the granite is what determines the cost because the standard size of about 2.4 length and 0.6 width costs about Sh13,000 to Sh25,000. This is indicative of what is trendy right now,” she says.

More buyers are going for white and grey hues. Some of the outstanding ones include River white granite which has sweeping lines that perfectly complement any kitchen design and the Kashmir white, a white stone with just a bit of texturing.

The Kashmir white also has a salt and pepper look that could discreetly cloak small countertop messes, which are harder to hide on light monochromatic countertops that have less variations.

If white is not your colour, pick brown granite which when polished, it offer a highly reflective surface.

An example is the brown pearl which incorporates brown, black, and white to create a look that nearly resembles a mosaic. It looks more expensive than it actually is.

Granite is fairly easy to take care and Ms Njeri says that you do not even have to buy special cleaners. Granite also withstands hot temperatures, hence you do not have to be cautious if it is on a kitchen surface.

“Never use an abrasive cleanser. It will leave scratches and damage the surface, leaving it even more vulnerable to stains and germs,” Ms Njeri says.