If your luggage gets lost

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

For air travellers, what do you do if your checked baggage is missing? First, check your phone for text messages or e-mails. Depending on the airline, if they are already aware your baggage was missing from your flight, they will send you a notification that your baggage is delayed and they will provide you with a missing baggage report number to track your missing baggage.

Once you receive this notification, respond accordingly confirming where the air carrier should deliver your baggage.

If you haven't received a notification, most airports have a baggage claim desk where you can quickly report your missing baggage. Please report your missing baggage to the airline representative who will provide you with a missing baggage report number that you can use to track the missing baggage.

On the occasion you have left the airport with your baggage missing, you can report online on the relevant air carrier's website.

Now, a common mistake passengers make is reporting the missing baggage at the airport and online. This resulting in two world tracer numbers tracking your baggage in competition with each other.


You can easily miss your baggage deliver if you are keeping tracking it on two tracers. Always keep to one missing baggage report and update it with any changes for contact details or delivery address.

Last but not least and most importantly, always check the air carriers time limit for reporting missing baggage. What if your baggage is damaged?

If you discover your baggage is damaged while at the airport, you can report this to the airline's member of staff who will advise you on their reporting process online. If you have already left the airport, check the air carrier's website for the process of reporting damaged baggage.

However the report will either need to be made online or over the phone. As always it is prudent that you check the airline's website for the time limits of reporting damaged baggage. Don't assume it is the same time limits as delayed baggage claiming limits. What if your baggage is lost?

If you left your baggage or property on the aircraft, it be handed to the destination airport staff and you will need to contact their lost property team with your flight details to retrieve your property. If you left your baggage in the lounge or at the airport, check the airlines website on how to retrieve the property as some of the airports have lost property handling agents.

Finally, always check the airlines website for how to claim compensation for delayed or damaged baggage. Happy Smart Travel!