Nairobi revenue growth is temporary, Kidero says

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has said it was not a miracle for Nairobi County to collect millions in the first week of a month.

Speaking to the Nation on phone, Dr Kidero pointed out that it is normal for the county to collect large sums of money at the beginning of a month.

He noted that seasonal parking tickets fees for more than 30,000 matatus in Nairobi are paid in the first week of the month.

Last week, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko said the county’s revenue had gone up by more than 100 per cent in two days due to automation of revenue collection, increasing to Sh38.2 million from Sh7 million.

'All lies'

“The increase in revenue being bandied around is all lies. We know that seasonal parking tickets for the 30,000 matatus in Nairobi is paid in the first week of the month and so it is not a surprise that the money was collected. It has been collected in every first week of the month,” said Dr Kidero.

He added that revenue collection in Nairobi is a seasonal affair, with some months realising more revenues that others.

“The way the county collects money is seasonal and October to March is the high season when people pay their rents and so we will see high revenues,” he said.

The former City Hall boss claimed that during his reign as the governor, Nairobi County managed to increase its revenue from Sh5 billion to Sh12 billion and also introduced automated payment system, ejiji pay, for payment of parking services.

“When we got to City Hall, collections were only Sh5 billion, we moved it to Sh12 billion and if they are saying that they have increased it then let it go to Sh15 billion and above.

“We also introduced the automated payment system, ejiji pay, which has won several awards and I remember Sonko saying he was going to terminate the contract but right now he is its biggest proponent,” he said.

Good projects

He asked the current regime not to shy away from acknowledging the projects he initiated at City Hall instead of witch-hunt and character slaying.

“Let them admit some of the good things we did and let them also take it forward from where we left and improve. Let us stop these lies and saying things that do not add value to our people. We have left the seat and now let them give services they promised to the people,” Dr Kidero said.

Dr Kidero also called on Mr Sonko to "be his own man" and have control over the affairs of the county and stop being "a slave who is being controlled by President Kenyatta".

“Mr Sonko is a slave to his masters in Jubilee who make all the decisions at City Hall and as such all he has left to do is criticise and showboat for the cameras.

"Running the county is serious business and if Sonko wants to succeed, he better get serious,” he said.