Job cuts loom in Makini Schools shake-up

Makini School
Students from Makini School in Nairobi visit a stand at the Nairobi International Book Fair last year. The school is under new management. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Makini Schools has started a restructuring programme which is expected to lead to the sacking of some staff whose roles are not required.

But Managing Director Martin Sharman in a statement to parents and guardians did not indicate the number of staff to go.

“We regret that some roles that are no longer aligned to the organisation’s future needs will become redundant. There will be an opportunity for employees to apply for newly advertised roles if their skill set match the requirements,” said Mr Sharman.

He also announced that some roles will require a transfer to other campuses of Makini Schools in Nairobi or Kisumu County.

Mr Sharman said some staffwill take on new responsibilities and tasks or acquire new skills.


According to Mr Sharman, the reorganisation will lead to various outcomes; among them alignment of jobs with the institution’s current needs, all employees will sit within an organogram with clear reporting/line management structures that will leave no room for ambiguity and roles and responsibilities will be clearly defined and performance management implemented.

“Updated policies will be implemented to objectively guide all functions within all departments in the organisation,” he said.

He said medical would be improved to ensure that the organisation retains the best employees and enable them to access proper healthcare services.

“We look forward to a smooth reorganisation and assure you that the implementation will follow due process in all circumstances. We will manage these challenges fairly, equitably and in the best interest of our learners to ensure there is no impact on their education,” he said.

He said the reorganisation will enable Makini Schools to work more efficiently and offer its employees rewarding opportunities in both pay and growth within the new structure.

Scholé Limited is the new owner of Makini Schools after acquiring it from former founder and owner Mary Okello at Sh1 billion.

The schools were started 40 years ago were acquired in 2018 and have campuses in Nairobi and Kisumu.