Mombasa MCAs demand Sh5m each for 'nice cars' and homes

The MCA's a seeking to buy nice cars to enhance their social status. FILE PHOTO | NMG
The MCA's a seeking to buy nice cars to enhance their social status. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Members of the Mombasa County Assembly are demanding a Sh5 million loan each to purchase “nice cars” and homes in a move aimed to improve their social status.

The MCAs also want the county government to allocate them posh offices that befit their stature as "honourable people" in order to save them the agony of meeting their electorates in their houses or under ‘cashew nut and mango trees’.

“We want the monies to be enhanced so that we can use Sh2 million for a nice car and Sh3 million for mortgage. Those are the privileges we have as MCA’s. We are not hunting for votes to go knock on electorates’ doors. They need to come and see us in our offices,” Tudor ward representative Tobias Samba Otieno said in a statement.

Mr Otieno, a businessman, said it was unfortunate that the MCAs had resorted to meeting the electorates under trees due to lack of offices.

His appeal was backed by Tibwani ward representative Mwaka Bakari who insisted that sitting under trees was demeaning their status as honourable members.

“That is disrespecting my position. I cannot sit under a tree because I am now an honourable member," he said.

This, however, did not augur well with Fatma Kushe, a second time nominated MCA, who urged members of the assembly to desist from selfishness and instead work for the people.

“You were not elected to come and harvest posh vehicles and offices. You should stick to your mandate. This is pure greed,” Ms Kushe told some of the MCA’s outside the assembly.

She said lack of offices or vehicles would not deter them from working for the people.