Thika Highway hawker menace - video

Petty traders have invaded the parts of the Thika Superhighway, especially at Ngara, oblivious to their own safety and that of their customers.

Numerous hide-and-seek games and battles with the police and the City Council of Nairobi security personnel have not dissuaded the indefatigable traders, who sell merchandise ranging from clothes and sugarcane to fruits and roasted maize.

Customers are seen standing on the highway as they try out various outfits, prompting the question as to whether they care for their own safety or are happy to make use of the roads by motorists a nightmare.

Pedestrians are often forced to walk along the road because the pavements are also blocked by the traders and their merchandise. Motorists have negotiate their way around the traders and their merchandise.

On Kipande Road, off the highway at Ngara as you towards Museum Hill, one lane is unusable by those driving along as it is occupied by vehicles, mostly matatus, under repair. The mechanics have refused to vacate the area despite years of sometimes violent encounters with the City Council.