Jamii Bora Makao in major housing estate in Kisaju

Jamii Bora Makao has launched a major
Jamii Bora Makao has launched a major residential housing project that is expected to boost the supply of affordable houses around Nairobi and its neighbourhood. 

Jamii Bora Makao has launched a major residential housing project that is expected to boost the supply of affordable houses around Nairobi and its neighbourhood.

The Kisaju View Park Estate, which is being developed in Kaputiei town near Isinya off Namanga Road, will comprise 2,000 three and four bedroom housing units when completed.

The estate is being constructed by Jamii Bora Makao, and consists of affordable community estate in line with its mission of providing housing solutions to ordinary Kenyans.

Jamii Bora Makao CEO Wagane Diouf said the houses are going for between Sh1.4 million for the three bedroom and Sh5 million for the five bedroom units. The houses are being bought through the offplan model, where buyers pay for the units before construction is completed.

Home buyers will attend the open houses planned for Saturday April 14 and April 21 at the Jamii Bora Makao headquarters on Funzi Road in Industrial Area, Nairobi.


“We are now taking reservations with a deposit of 15 per cent to 20 per cent,” said Francis Otieno Head of Sales and Property Management at Jamii Bora Makao.

The site for the Kisaju View Park Estate is located six kilometres off the Kitengela-Namanga road and is being developed in phases. Each phase of the new development consists of 100 houses each. In previous projects, the company has built and sold 750 houses, said Diouf.

The estate is expected to have multiplier economic and social activities, a self-sustaining set of health services, education facilities, a green and environmentally friendly dwelling served by 1,164 commercial units.

Mr Diouf said they are looking at replicating the affordable housing initiative throughout the country and the region.

“This is a great model that will enable more ordinary Kenyans to own homes,” he said.

“And it will have a trickle effect on other sectors as the estate will need shops, health services, transport, education, communication and utility services as well as banks and garbage collection.”

Jamii Bora Makao was last year awarded a Millennium Development Goal Trust Fund prize in recognition of its contribution towards increasing access to decent and affordable housing in Kenya through the Kaputiei Housing Project.

The organisation emerged the overall winner in Goal 7, which aims to ensure environmental sustainability including affordable housing.
Adopted by world leaders in the year 2000, the initiative acknowledges the contribution of government, financing institutions, private sector, NGOs and individuals that have demonstrated outstanding efforts in driving the achievement of the eight MDG goals through their core programmes.