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Different times, places determine people’s dressing

Attires mean various things to different people. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Attires mean various things to different people. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

I have a daughter who is otherwise normal in all aspects except that she loves wearing ties and suits like a man, prefers her hair short like a man’s. I want her to be thought of as a woman who is to be married sometime in future. Should I read anything in her behaviour?

You have asked a most intriguing question and the answer we will give you, may or may not satisfy you. Some readers will in all likelihood disagree while others might dismiss the answer as shallow or one that misses the point. We hope some will agree with our point of view.

Let’s go to the basics first. How old is your daughter? Is she three, 13, 23, 35 or even in her 60s? Depending on her age, and also depending on whether this is new or old behaviour, then one is able to address the question more accurately. You have left the field free for us to speculate. First a story.

About five years ago, we got a call from the sister of a lawyer we had known for many years. As we were to find out later, he had become a very big fish in a small pond.