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Don’t keep quiet about gender bias in the workplace


What is the role of women in high-level managerial positions? I feel like my boss thinks women just fill up gender spaces and aren’t necessarily in those positions because they measure up. How do I fit in a male-dominated office and stamp my authority? However, I don’t want to be like a man.

The last sentence in your question is rather confusing and in some ways telling of the stereotype you have of gender roles. I am tempted at the very outset to ask what “being like a man” means to you.

There are almost too many ways of dealing with your question. One could, for example, take a very simple and biological look at your question and go on to describe the biological challenges that men and women go through.

In this regard and by way of example, the Royal College of Psychiatrists will, on December 6, be holding a high level symposium under the title ‘‘Me, myself and my hormones: Women and their mental Health’’.