Entrepreneur sets up a child-friendly salon

A child being styled at Sprouts Kids Salon and Barber Shop. Photo/Salaton Njau
A child being styled at Sprouts Kids Salon and Barber Shop. Photo/Salaton Njau 

Sprouts, as the name depicts, is a salon that caters for children as their hair begins to grow and it aims at providing a child-friendly environment.

Arriving at the salon, we find a group of children playing on two ride-on Disney racing cars that have been altered and elevated to serve as seats, clearly oblivious of the staff who are braiding their hair.

“Children can be demanding; they like consistency and colour which is what we have provided using décor at Sprouts,” says Wambui Ng’ayu, the salon’s director.

Started a month ago, the salon and barber shop situated in Kilimani area has attracted an array of clients who have found comfort in the establishments’ mission which is to provide a playing and colourful space while getting children's hair done.

This comes as a relief for many of the parents who have had to deal with stubborn children when it comes to taking them to salons and barber shops.

Many of whom have been turned away from adult salons if the child is known to make a fuss when their hair is being styled.

Ms Ng’ayu came up with the idea after having various instances where her son would protest when they visited the barber shop.

“The surrounding was not pleasant and he was not comfortable with having many adults around him,” she says, adding that she too was adamant of using the same shaving equipment that they used on adults.

Her idea of the Sprouts Salon did not fall far from her 10-year career in graphics design which she opted to leave behind and start up the business which she was able to design with the help of her friends and family.

Dealing with children, one has to be very careful with both the equipment and products used on them to avoid harsh reactions on their sensitive sculp.

To ensure children are calm during their styling Ms Ng’ayu says that one has to come up with activities to distract them as most do not like their hair being touched.
Various activities such as colouring, movies, video games and a play ground offered at the salon help make the children comfortable.

“With various services provided at the salon and dedicated staff who love children, the salon has recorded a good turnout in one month,” she says.

This she attributes to having stylists who are patient with children as most parents leave their children at the salon to run other errands.

“Our services also include child-friendly spa services complete with a pedicure pit and manicure stations for both children and mums,” says Ms Ng’ayu.