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How to cope with restructuring at the workplace

A confident employee is not worried about layoffs. file photo | nmg
A confident employee is not worried about layoffs. file photo | nmg 

It is yet another anxious moment at the workplace as the management rolls out a recruitment drive aimed at boosting its human resource capacity.

The major worry is that the new recruits might come to take over comfort zones that many of the staffers have been thriving in.

The recruits might end up bringing in more experience, qualifications and creativity capable of upturning job securities existing hence throwing the workplace into acute fear.

The situation is not helped by the top secrecy the human resource department goes about the exercise.

Some staffers are even known to get extreme and hack into the HR files just to get a glimpse of what to expect in the looming makeover, as rumours fly from all corners about the likely casualties.

Relax, it is not the end of the world, rather, the exercise can be the ultimate jolt to make you emerge stronger and competitive in the new order, says Mr Wanjumbi Mwangi, a management trainer with New Times Consultants.

He cautions staffers to always be weary of the fact that their positions are not permanent, that majority of them found their employer in the market and unless he goes under, will forever be hiring and firing.

“The best approach is where an individual employee remains alert through personal evaluations. Always be motivated to improve on your performance and create value for yourself as an asset to the management,” he says.

He says a confident employee is never bothered by recruitment, layoffs and reshuffles.

“An employee who constantly is on him/herself in personal assessments aimed at diversifying performance and dealing with any weak spots is always assured of survival in times of such turmoil,” he says.

He says workplaces will forever be experiencing a wave of change once in a while and it need not be a source of fear whirlwinds.

“All that you need to realise is that the exercise will usher in an atmosphere of cutthroat competition in the way duties are executed.