Interesting pub in downtown Malindi

Seating area at the Weaver's Nest bar. Photo/JACKSON BIKO
Seating area at the Weaver's Nest bar. Photo/JACKSON BIKO  Nation Media Group

I was in Malindi recently and had just had along day running around the village writing about a side of the town you are not likely to find online. I ended with a peculiar visit of this spooky cave called Pango Yambo Caves.

This is where some medicine man (and a gigantic snake) lived some 90 years ago or so the tales go. I had gone down this cave with a man who narrated the tale of his father who discovered that cave and who told me repeatedly to ignore the thousands of bats flapping around over our heads.

“They don’t bite,” he assured me over and over again and the more he said it, the more I disbelieved him. So you can imagine my state of mind after this episode; I needed a drink. Badly.

So I sat at a corner of Turtle Bay Beach Club’s Weaver’s Nest Bar, ordered a pizza from their Pizza Restaurant next door and munched on it reflectively as, from the next lounge area, I heard soccer fans groan loudly as their team (whoever they were) got a pounding.

Pizza done, I ordered something that would numb the feeling of ghosts; a whisky. As it turned out, they didn’t have a Jameson. So I scanned the drinks menu for an alternative but found none.

There was a strange-looking whisky which I had never heard of, so I settled on a brandy, a Hennessey, instead.

Weaver’s Nest is the perfect bar you want to sit in if you don’t want a lot of human interaction. This is essentially because it’s a very small bar.

There is a corner “lounge” area (with cushioned seats) which seats a maximum of four people, the bar counter which seats only two on one side and another three on one side.

Its size, however, doesn’t mean it’s intimate, neither does it means it’s private. It’s simply inconspicuous, a bar you got to for a quick meeting or a few drinks before you head out for dinner.