Speaker puts ideas on paper to inspire business

Mr Kim:  He says his mission is to empower
Mr Kim: He says his mission is to empower people. 

For five years, Bonnie Kim has been running a consulting company that “specialises in empowering people and helping businesses achieve maximum growth.” Last year, he published four books; Born without a Choice, The Power of Self Image, The Greatest Secret and What is True Love? He hopes his readers will have the courage and power to change their lives.

1.When did you decide to lead an inspirational lifestyle? 
When I stayed in Rwanda in 2007. I realised that if people who were orphans of war had hope then the main cause of genocide was lack of hope. I chose to have hope and tell others that tomorrow will be better than today. From that day, inspiration has become my way of life for I have seen what life without hope can be like,—in the community and at the workplace.

2. Why did you publish all the four books at once?
When you start to write you are the only one who believes in your work. Getting a big publisher who will take your work with the same optimism the first time you start writing is not easy. I discovered that even the writers we admire all started with self publishing. It has a price but I always say it is worth the pain. But I was able to get support from people who gave me the encouragement, financial and marketing assistance.

3. For those who have not bought your books , how would sum up your messages?
You are never too young or too old to change your life. It is never too late or too early to start a more productive and creative life.

4. What is the one thing we can do to achieve and maintain peak performance in all areas of life? 
Self discipline. The ability to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel you like it or not. Do not wait for change of a job or environment. Let the change come from within and act on that and everything will change for the better.

5. You talk about the power being with us, how do you intend to get people to harness this power?
  Through motivational talks, training and making people realise that a good song has never been sang, a good book has never been written, neither has a good company started. Nothing is in today’s market that has reached the ultimate. Everything you see today in the market is becoming obsolete. The world has never been hungry than it is today for new ideas and talents. Do not be intimidated when pursuing your dream.

6. What is next for Bonnie Kim, the author and motivational speaker?
I’m working on solutions for corporate success book. The main message will be :“Success has all to do with training and motivation.” It will have easy and applicable ideas which can be used at the workplace to help achieve success in their area of work no matter the position. I’m also working on five books meant to motivate students from baby class to university.