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Subtle persuasion in sales clinches deals

Be gentle even as you pursue that sought after sales deal. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Be gentle even as you pursue that sought after sales deal. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The power of subtle persuasion in selling is, unfortunately, underestimated. That you must be persistent to succeed in selling is given. This usually refers to insisting, persevering, and not taking no for an answer. And that’s all good; I refer though, to subtle persuasion. The kind, for instance, that got me to finally visit this new hotel, four months from when I was first invited to. The salesperson called, said he was referred to me, and thought I would like to visit their hotel for use in future trainings. I promised to though I was merely being polite.

The following week he sent me a reminder text; likewise two weeks later. I found a missed call from him a month in and I’m sure you get the drift. He was persisting in a non-intrusive way.

One morning, four months in I found my way to the hotel. Whether it was because I had an idle moment; or, because I was feeling guilty of having ignored his invitations; or, because it was convenient (I happened to be in the neighbourhood, so why not check it out?); or, even because the lure of a free lunch was enticing. It doesn’t matter, I went; the salesperson closed without badgering me.

The reasons why I visited are why subtle persuasion works. The buyer feels that he bought and was not sold to. He feels in charge of the sale whereas in truth he was made to do it. It’s like the ego-driven man who chest thumps himself to fellow men as to the plot of land he identified and bought, yet in truth, his wife is the one who gently and wisely nudged him in that direction.