Are you tired of hotel stay? Try a holiday home instead

Catering for yourself allows you to enjoy home cooked  food  and you can hire a cook to do all your cooking as you enjoy your vacation. FOTOSEARCH
Catering for yourself allows you to enjoy home cooked food and you can hire a cook to do all your cooking as you enjoy your vacation. FOTOSEARCH  

Thinking of a vacation spot in the new year? It is not too late to get a holiday home for the family. Many people who travelled out of town for the Christmas holidays have gone back leaving space for those who opted for the new year celebrations out of town.

Staying in a self-catering home or villa is a great way to spend time together as a family or as friends away from the usual hotel fare. The best option would be to get a self-catering establishment and the hire a cook to come in everyday or chose an establishment where meals are inclusive in the cost.

This gives you the opportunity to go out and explore the region you are visiting without worrying about coming back home to slave over a stove. Below are some of the homes still available throughout the country.

Kola Beach Resort in Malindi
Charges: Sh30,400 a night
Located in Malindi at Mamburui, Kola Beach Resort is the ideal location for those too lazy to get out of their cosy beds. The resort has well set luxury villas built to blend with nature. It is not just a blue environment one sets their eyes on while having dinner in the restaurant overlooking the ocean; But the green breath-taking surroundings of swaying palm tree branches and bougainvillea.

The villas are spacious with an extensive verandah, balcony, dining hall, bedroom as well as furnished kitchen for those energetic enough to cook. However, breakfast, lunch and dinner can be brought right to your door step upon request.

Swahili Beach in Diani
Charges: Sh30,500 per night
Spending time at Swahili Beach is like reliving the ancient Arabian and Persian times. This five star resort has the most impressive architectural design that borrows its designs from India, Zanzibar and the East Africa coast among other locations.

If you have never spent a holiday in the South Coast, then Swahili Beach should give you the best option.  There is a range of accommodation to choose from - executive suites, superior rooms and standard rooms. Among the available facilities is a restaurant, bar and lounge and water sporting.

Moringa House in Diani
Charges: Sh43,750 a night
The South Coast is never short of great holiday spots. Moringa House is one accommodation facility which adds to the range of selection holiday makers can choose from. The house has four bedrooms and is part of an aquamarine retreat with plenty of water sports to keep your weight in check. It is situated near Diani beach giving you a chance to enjoy the ocean.

Executive Diani Beach Villa
Charges: Sh20,000 per night
This is a great place to spend an intimate holiday with your loved one. Located in Diani, the villa is a two-storey facility set on half an acre. Executive villa can accommodate four people in each of the two-bedroom apartments. Occupants have access to the beach and golf course at Galu.

Le Marelle, Manda Island
Charges: Sh67,500 a night

Le Marelle is a three-bedroom serviced beach house in Manda Island. The house is ideal for groups seeking time away from the busy city life. The adventure at this pristine location is a trip on a wooden boat. There is also a chef to take care of food and shopping, a cleaner and a night guard for your safety.

Ol Talet Cottage, Kajiado
Charges: Sh22,000 a night
Ol Talet cottage is located 40km from Nairobi and a view away from Olepolos - the popular Nyama Choma eatery on Magadi road. The cottage is a three-bedroom holiday home on a hill top with great panoramic view of the whole of Ngong and the hills beyond and the valleys below. It is fully furnished with a plunge pool to cool off from the scorching sun. Ol Talet is ideal for nature lovers and the adventurous.

Mombasa Holiday Apartment, Nyali

Charges: Sh40,000 a night 

Located in an area full of activities, Mombasa holiday apartments welcome guests to a mix of relaxation and time out in the streets and adjacent pubs like Bob’s. The facility, located right behind Nakumatt Nyali offers en-suite accommodations at Sh40,000 a night. 

Ruby Hall, Watamu

Charges: capacity is 12 people and goes for Sh26,000 per night.
Ever tried swimming in a mangrove-fronted lagoon? Ruby Hall offers you a first time experience in the lagoon. Set on five acres, the facility is surrounded by cashew nut, Mango and coconut trees, with a cool breeze from the ocean. 

Among the activities one can engage in are surfing, bird watching and game drives to the Tsavo National Park 150 kilometres away - for which you will pay extra. The house capacity is 12 people and goes for Sh26,000 per night.

The Fort, Lamu
Charges: Sh26,000 per night
The Fort is a stand-alone structure in Lamu off the Village of Sheila. It is ideal for those seeking a quiet time. The menu at Fort is most seafood. However, they also get in fresh vegetable supplies from neighbouring towns to keep your meal balanced and healthy. A night at The Fort will set you back Sh26,000.

Pelican House
Charges: Sh29,000 a night
The Pelican House is a thatched cottage in the expansive Ol Pajeta Conservancy in Nanyuki. The house is built as a nature friendly relaxation spot but one whose proceeds go towards the wellbeing of the community. If you are thinking of a place where you can watch the wild from the confines of a wooden deck, then this is the place for you. The three-bedroomed cottage is priced at Sh29,000 a night.

Manyika House
Charges: at Sh18,000 a night
Driving on the smooth Thika Super highway, the long tarmac stretch leads patrons to Manyika House in Thika after 45km drive. Not too far for Nairobi residents who want to spend time away from the city but still near enough, the home brings to life a farm experience because it’s on 100 ha coffee farm. Manyika House was originally a farm house but was remodelled to host holiday makers who want to relax and take walks around the garden. The house is available at Sh18,000 a night.

Little Egret Cottage
Charges: Sh8,950 a night
Indulge yourself in Baringo at the Little Egret Cottage as you listen to over 450 species of birds chirping away in the trees. Whether coming from Nairobi or the Rift Valley, the cottage is a few hours’ drive away and easily accessed on four wheel drive. The house is a self-catering facility with solar heated water. It can accommodates six people. Other facilities in the same location are Heron House and Coots Cottage. Little Egret is priced at Sh8,950 a night.

Silole Cottage, Nairobi
Charges: Sh12,500 a night for a two bedroom cottage.
Bordering the Nairobi National Park, Silole sanctuary offers this serene self-catering facility. The cottage is an affordable two-bedroomed accommodation costing Sh12,500 a night. Other facilities offered at Silole sanctuary is the Maasai Lodge and Silole Villa, a three-bedroomed establishment.

Kamaki House
Charges: Sh20,000 a night
Kamaki House is a three-storey holiday home. The house has a jacuzzi, a bar and lounge to make your stay memorable. In case you want to stay out late in the evening and watch the sun set, the wooden deck at the house will offer you the opportunity for this. The house is spacious enough to take 12 people and has a kid’s play area. It costs Sh20,000. Other self-catering homes in Naivasha are Mimosa Cottage, Lahai Cottage, Mugis Paradise and Maasai House.

Panda’s Paradise
Charges: Sh2000-Sh4000 per night
Panda Paradise is tucked away in the green Tom Mboya estate. The facility is a self-catering, fully furnished apartment loved by tourists visiting the lakeside town. Panda has nine cottages in total.  If you have had enough of the coast or are thinking of an excursion in Western Kenya, fly to Kisumu and check out this facility. But make sure to check first if it’s available ahead of time. The cottages cost between Sh2000-Sh4000 per night depending on the one you choose.