Two police chiefs face sack over impostor

Two senior police officers face the sack over their complicity in the activities of Joshua Kirianjahi Waiganjo who an inquiry declared Thursday was an impostor in the force.

The committee recommended the sacking of interdicted Rift Valley PPO John M’Mbijiwe and that of the former commandant of the Anti-Stock Theft Unit Remi Ngugi.

“After analysing evidence, Mr M’Mbijiwe knew or ought to have known that Waiganjo was neither a police officer nor a police reservist,” found the committee chaired by Mary Awuor.

Former Njoro OCPD Nthigah Njeru who had been interdicted alongside Mr M’Mbijiwe and Mr Ngugi was cleared by the committee which called for the lifting of his suspension.

However, the team recommended that Mr Njeru be transferred from Rift Valley and be taken for further training on command and leadership.

In its findings, the inquiry committee said Mr M’Mbijiwe instructed then West Pokot divisional police commander to issue an appointment letter to Mr Waiganjo as a police reservist.

“The committee finds that the then West Pokot divisional police commander Mr David Wambua wrote a letter under duress from Mr M’Mbijiwe appointing Mr Waiganjo as a police reservist,” National Police Service Commission chairman Johnston Kavuludi said when he received the report Thursday.

Mr Waiganjo’s family had all along claimed that he was appointed to the police force by former police Commissioner Mathew Iteere but the committee said this was wanting.

“This report actually finds information given by the former Commissioner of Police credible and this exonerates him of complicity,” said Mr Kavuludi. Mr Waiganjo was arrested last month and arraigned in court for impersonating senior police officers for five years.

Waiganjo was discovered after flying on a police helicopter to investigate the massacre of 43 police officers during a botched operation to recover stolen animals in December.

Committee member Kioko Kilukumi said Thursday whereas Waiganjo attended security meetings in Rift Valley, it was not possible to conclude that he leaked information that led to the Baragoi killings.

“We listened to evidence but we were not able to get conclusive evidence whether or not he leaked information on Baragoi,” he said.

The “fake” policeman is facing charges of impersonation, illegal possession of police uniforms and robbery with violence.

Mr M’Mbijiwe claimed that Waiganjo was actually a police reservist in the rank of assistant police commissioner.

He indicated that Waiganjo was recruited in 2002 by former Police Commissioner Maj (Gen) Hussein Ali and was introduced to him as the head of the Kenya Police Reserve in Rift Valley when he assumed office from Francis Munyambu.