Why Bonnie Kim’s new book is worth the two-year wait

Author Bonnie Kim. His fifth book, Power Behind Every Success has just been released. Photo/FILE
Author Bonnie Kim. His fifth book, Power Behind Every Success has just been released. Photo/FILE 

Motivational speakers are not worth their salt if they do not pen a book or two about their message.

One of the prolific writers in this genre is Bonnie Kim. He has just released his fifth book, Power Behind Every Success, in just under three years since his first book.

In 2011, he published four books — The Greatest Secret, The Power of Self Image, What is True Love? and Born Without a Choice.

Mr Kim’s latest book will appeal to the Kenyan reader who is getting more sophisticated and is looking for a deeper practical message for their daily life.

He writes: “Success does not just happen; there is a hidden power and the code”.

This book is meant to help the reader crack the code.

Mr Kim argues that this power can only be learned, nurtured and developed.

Atul Shah, the managing director of Nakumatt Holdings, wrote the foreword and he had good things to say about the book.

“I’ve read many books on success but this is one of the greatest. It is less theoretical and more practical and it is well researched and packed with brilliant ideas,” Mr Shah said.

Success is after all the best motivational speakers’ subject for who does not want to succeed?

As the author puts in his prologue, success is for that person who has realised that deep within lies enough talent to transform their lives from rags to riches.

“The only people who are going to succeed today are the ones who are going to truly and fully understand themselves and accept who they are,” he writes.

The book takes the reader through a step-by-step process, from defining success, to characteristics of successful people and a list of 60 differences between successful and unsuccessful people.

In between the pages, the author supports his message by quoting the world’s great motivational experts — Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra among others.

One of the traits of successful people, he writes, is the “power of determination and thinking positively”. He gives examples of the likes of Henry Ford, Madam Curie and Abraham Lincoln. But although these are good examples, where are Africans like Nelson Mandela, Wangari Maathai or Ken Saro-Wiwa?

The main lesson to take away from this book is that success is attainable by anyone. It takes focusing our entire energy, enthusiasm, mind, body and action strictly tied to our clear written goals.