EDITORIAL: It’s time to fix our politics

A political rally in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO | NMG
A political rally in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

For the umpteenth time, we return to the subject of electoral politics and the devastating impact it has so far had on the economy.

After months of electioneering, millions of Kenyans have become weary of politics and would surely want a return to normalcy that can allow them to do the business of life.

Such is the desperation that has seen some citizens come out to pronounce that politicking is over and its time to get back to business. 

Unfortunately, that doesn’t look to like something we can expect in the near term given the stalemate in our politics.

This is because elections are the most popular means through which communities settle the question of who leads them.

In a democratic society that requires a revisiting of this question every four or five years, any failure to conclusively settle this matter only produces uncertainly, instability and a poisoning of the environment that makes the business of life damn difficult.

Given what has transpired since the October 26 repeat presidential poll, Kenya would be better moving forward with the understanding that good politics is the mother of good governance that forms the basis for success in socio economic spheres.

This means fixing our politics, however hard it is, is the job we must do to increase our prospects of success in the long term.