Law will play pivotal role in oil and gas exploration, production

Oil exploration in northern Kenya. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Oil exploration in northern Kenya. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

As the reality of the complexities involved in oil and gas exploration and production set in, it is becoming apparent to both the government and the population at large that this newly discovered commodity in Kenya takes a whole lot of efforts to commercialise than previously hyped.

The first effort to build a pipeline for oil transportation in Kenya was frustrated when Uganda pulled out of the anticipated joint pipeline construction with Kenya, favouring Tanzania instead. In 2016, the government announced an early production to be effected through road transportation.

This, however, did not actualise at the realisation that the Kenya’s crude oil is waxy and sticky in nature, and therefore needs to be transported in a heated form.

This is not the only barrier to transportation of oil by road. Security, good infrastructure, risk to humans and environmental issues are also important considerations to make.