Scale up mobile signals at grassroots

A lady uses a phone. FILE PHOTO | NMG
A lady uses a phone. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

As queues fill every Airtel outlet switching mobile numbers away from Safaricom #ticker:SCOM in the race to protest at political exclusion, which of those protesters considers the people who do not have any choice on phone signal, because they simply are without any options at all?

For exclusion, truly, goes beyond acts of commission and is most often marked by simple carelessness and lack of attention to the needs of all.

And when it comes to the vast majority of Kenya’s landmass, it is inhabited by Kenyans who still entirely lack phone signal to this day.
Nor is it the case that it just hasn’t been noticed as a handicap of the first order.

Eight years ago, in 2009, and then with a second law in 2010, a levy was placed on all our telcos taking half a per cent of their revenues and placing it in a Universal Access Fund run by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK).