EDITORIAL: We must plan properly for energy investments

Energy Secretary Charles Keter. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Energy Secretary Charles Keter. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Kenya is reputed to be the largest economy in eastern Africa, a factor that has made it a favourite for international investors despite improving attraction of the other economies.

One area that has become a magnet for big bucks is the energy sector where regulations and a largely steadily growing economy have all helped create a conducive environment.

In the past one decade or so, billions have been poured into thermal, geothermal and wind projects helping cushion Kenyans against power outages seen in the early 2000s. However, there have been critics out there who believe we are building capacity too fast and we may end up repaying billions while stuck with power we don’t need at all or have no capacity to distribute.

A case in point is the 300 megawatt (MW) Turkana wind power project where the consumer is compensating investors to the tune of hundredsa of millions a month because the supplementary evacuation lines were not built on time.