EDITORIAL: Construction rules proper


A building under construction in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO \ NMG

The newly gazetted construction regulations apportioning part of the blame for flaws in buildings to contractors, engineers, quantity surveyors, and architects, and extending the defects liability period to a year is a good move.

The National Construction Authority (Defects Liability) Regulations 2020 will not only streamline the industry but also it will ensure that completed buildings handed over to owners are above standard.

For years, there has been finger-pointing and questions about who is actually responsible for cracks in walls or water leaking in commercial buildings a year after completion.

This has seen owners lose revenue due to lack of tenants on top of the cost of repairing the defects.

In most cases, rectification of the flaws has been a windy processes because they are not done by relevant professionals.

In some cases, contractors been collude with project managers to do shoddy work and architects have been left out of critical aspects of the construction process.

Following the gazettement of the regulation focusing on commercial buildings, it is time to extend it to residential properties.